Braford and Hereford cows

Braford cows watching what is gong on while in the pen to be worked.
210T is our fall heifer, Pumpkin. She is a cute heifer calf.
301T is a really nice, well marked 3/16s heifer. She is out of 901K, a Champ daughter out of a One Step cow. This heifer's dam is a Hereford bull from BB Cattle Co, that the kids named Ferdinand. She was born 1/10.
303T is a fancy 3/16s heifer calf. Her dam, KT Ms Laney 703, is  Zippo granddaughter. Zippo was the Grand Champion Braford bull calf back in 2007. This heifer's sire is a Hereford bull, Ferdinand, which makes her a 3/16 Brahma and 13/16 Hereford.
310T is a cute Hereford heifer calf. Her dam is a daughter of 124H Homebuilder.
Toni is writing more about little Red next.
2082B, or Heify, is Jaxsen's heifer, she was shown in 2013 at the Summer Sizzle in Connell. This is a nice, big bodied heifer that is going to have some nice calves. Heify is out the the Bowen 3027 son, out of a 626S daughter. Very big bodied heifer, which is somewhat of a surprise considering that very modern 626S and 3027. Heify's dam is out of a 4033 7Z cow, and Heify seems to be falling back on those old genetics with her big bone and growthiness. With all of her size, she was a 74 lb actual bw with a 2.1 bw epd, 50 ww, and 91 yw. Very good numbers on this heifer.
Kaine's heifer, Arcee, is an daughter of BJ L1 Domino 2637 out of a Domino/7Z cow. Very pretty, feminine heifer, yet still carries the big bone and ability to produce. Kaine and this heifer were a great combination in the summer of 2013 and were at the top of every class. RC is a very pretty mover and has a natural show ability.
2052B Toni will discuss at greater length.
101K is a really well marked heifer out of 404K, a Dominator daughter. This is a fancy red heifer with great markings and good eye pigment.
104K is an Ozzie daughter, Ozzie is out of the Australian bull Triumph and a One Step cow, 2002E. This heifer's dam is 7061E. This is a nice feminine heifer with eye pigment and is very clean.
105K is a soggy built heifer that likes to be the center of attention, I have more pictures of her then any other calf. She is a flashy with nice markings and a nice wide topline. Her sire is Willy and her dam is 4155E, an old "Spot" cow.
108K is a fancy Willy heifer out of 6169E, a One Step cow. 6169E is a very maternal cow that she passes on to her calf. This is a heifer that has a lot of depth to her and a lot of bone and will make a great cow.


109K is a really cute heifer out of 602K and Ozzie. This is a flashy heifer with a lot of eye appeal and good bone.
Stuey is a daughter of SR Saga 239W, the bull from the Stuber Ranch used by BB Cattle Co. Stuey's bottom side is a cross between the good carcass bull 1065, and the good looking bull Sandman 32F. Stuey is a combination of looks, breeding, and carcass. She has a pretty look without being overly feminine. She has big, blocky, nice looking calves that are very marketable. This is a nice young cow that has been a great addition to our herd. We are very excited to see what she produces with Rock Solid.
Anna's Hereford cow, Toni needs to get busy and start typing. 
0147B is a moderate framed, very modern looking cow that outproduces herself. She goes back to the 1065 bull that had great carcass data and still produces bulls that are at the top of the ratio. Very good uddered cow.
KT Tear Drop 003K is a really well made heifer with great color and markings. She is by "Willy" and out of 7083E,  a TW daughter. This heifer has a lot of eye appeal and will be a great addition to our herd and would also make an outstanding show heifer prospect.
0141B is a horned Hereford cow that is the dam to Anna's 2013 show heifer.
Here is one of our old One Step daughters, 2002E, with her two year old daughter, 907K, out of Money Maker.
908K is a framy type cow out of Willy and Peaches. Peaches is out of a E7076, a son of Loverboy, and a One Step daughter This cow has a lot of bone and a great utter and has big framy type calves.
907K is a really nice cow. She has great breeding, she is out of an old One Step daughter, 0002E, and Money Maker. Money Maker is out of an old 3/4 Brahma cow and 124H Homebuilder, a Hereford bull. This cow has an outstanding utter, she has great feminine heifers with a lot of eye appeal. This is an ideally marked cow and is a great addition to the herd.
901K is an AI cow by EG Champ 1056 and out of an old One Step cow, EG Ms One Step 7056. 901K us a docile, big bodied cow with a great udder.
709K is a great producing cow out of E0019, a son of Beach Mountain, and 4155E, a daughter of Spot. This is a great uttered cow that produces calves that are usable in any market. They are clean sheathed and great boned.

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