Working Ranch Pictures

Weaning spring calves September 20, 2014. Toni is riding Shimmer, Nikki, Coco, is riding Ivy, Anna is riding Montana Can Can, Kaine is riding Bev and Kade is riding Smoke. Jaxsen, the dogs and I (Kellie) were in the pickup to wing and take pictures. 
Weaning fall calves June 1, 2014. Ben is riding Pistol and Toni is riding Shimmer.

Toni on Montana Can Can  and Ben on Shimmer weaning calves on Oct 13, 2013
Toni on Montana Can Can  and Ben on Shimmer getting in the bull calves on wean, Oct 12, 2013
Toni on Shimmer, Nikki on Chico and Ben on Goldy gathering cows April 14, 2013
Toni on Chico, Ben on Shimmer and Kade on his bike moving the Herefords, March 2, 2013
Toni and Shimmer gathering cattle for weaning Sep 2012
Headed out to get cows in March 2012, from left to right, Toni on Pinky, Nikki on Beaver and Ben on Shimmer.  More pics of the "crew" below.
Toni and Pinky, for more info on Pinky go to the For Sale page, headed out to get cows in March 2012.
Toni and Pinky pushing cows in the corn field March 2012.
Kaine and Kade helping with chores.
Tanna riding Kai Jack up in Hunter, WA to move cattle. Tanna has put 30 days on "Jackie" and is using him on the ranch now. Pics of Tanna riding Nu Holly below. To contact Tanna call 509-995-4892 or email
Ben tagging calves.
Here is a shot of Ms Peppy Nucash, "Nu Holly", being ridden by Tanna Skidmore moving cattle.



Kicker and "Scout" bringing in a pair.
Hayley on Buster and Pepper and Anna on Billy out checking cows.
Toni on Shimmer and Ben on Goldie moving cows on 5/31/09
Ben on Cad.
Anna and Don doing chores.
Toni on Shimmer, Kellie and Anna on Billy getting ready to work cows.
Sofie helping to get check cows.
Ben on Pistol, Kicker on Billy, Kellie on Cad.
Ben on Shimmer.
Nicole Jansen on Goldie (Ben's horse), Ben on Shimmer, and Kellie on Billy. Echo is at the front of the picture.
Sledding western style.

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