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Love bugs first trail ride was a great success. Even did some bush waking. Isaac rode her in the indoor arena before the trail ride and she was perfect. Walk, trot, lope, green colt roll backs, and a nice back up. at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.

Love Bug is the 2012 filly by Zinks Major Kid and is out of Lady bug.

This picture was taken September 2014.


KT Hot Gypsy Soul on her 2nd ride. What a great minded mare. - Trainer Rachael Hamby

She is awesome-takes everything in stride! Thank you Toni & Kellie! Rachael is doing a terrific job-Gypsy's been in training three days! - Owner Gail.

Gypsy is the 2011 filly by City Smarts and out of KT Copper Doc Comet.

This picture was taken August 2014.

Ride 22 for KT and Chrome today! We are loving these colts, they are coming along nicely. at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.

Both colts are by Just Plain Starlight.

This picture was taken May 2014

Youth foundation foal dancing queen getting her first ride by Nicole. Dancing Queen is by Double and out of Cleo. This picture was taken April 2014.
I took Scarlett (Remington / City Smarts) on her first trail ride yesterday! She is so willing to learn and she doesn't spook at anything and loves to look at the view and take it all in! She's the easiest horse I've ever trained! Scarlett is a 2012 foal and this picture was taken May 2014.


Finally got to ride May, absolutely love her and her filly! Thank you KT Ranch!


Here is one of the foals that was donated to the Youth Development Program, this is Cricket with her youth Sabrinia. Cricket is a 2013 filly out of KT Playin with a Pistol and is by City Smarts. This picture was taken April, 2014.
KT Stingers Pistolera is a fancy 2013 filly that is by KT Gunpowder N Lead and is out of Wright on Sugarnic. This picture was taken April, 2014.
Angel is now 6! Alvina is keeping Angel in shape for Chad.

Angel is the horse, this picture was taken April 2014 and is a daughter of Just Plain Starlight, "Colonel," and is out a Docs Hickory bred mare.
Dear Kellie and Toni-
We cannot express how thankful we are for our 2 palomino girls. We are just having the best time with them. Sunflower is a new woman since sister came to the farm. They fly around the field with great enthusiasm and... mirror each other's moves so well that they could do some kind of synchronized dancing, but of course it would be more like synchronized bucking and leaping and flying about. Emma has been doing ground work with both and they are very quick to learn and doing well.

Thank you again. Here are a couple pictures.

Leslie and Emma

The fillies are full sisters, one is a 2012 filly and the other is a 2013 filly. They are by City Smarts and out of Minx.


2 year old KT Docs Mamba (Scarlett) sticking her nose in our snow a couple weeks ago! Her first big snow and she LOVED it! - Tara

Scarlett was a Youth Development foal from 2012, she is out of Remington Gold and is by City Smarts.

This picture was taken February, 2014
Here is one of the foals that was donated to the Youth Development Program, this is Gus Cricket with his youth Andee. Gus is a 2014 colt out of KT Remington Gold and is by City Smarts. This picture was taken November 2013.
Sorry about the quality but a lady at the barn took this with her phone. This is my first time really getting to ride Luna. This is one month into training. So happy!! KT Peppy Butterscotch



Butterscotch is a 2010 filly by Just Plain Starlight and out of Buttercup.


KT Annie Oakley is the perfect addition to our family. She is a wonderful and smart mare. She has been and will be used for a trail-pleasure horse. She is my 3 yrs. first horse and my second [owned]. She has so far gone above and beyond our expectations of her. She is great with my daughter and I couldn't ask for a better horse!

~ Brynnadele



Just thought I'd send you a couple pictures.  I LOVE THIS HORSE! 
I am so happy with her personality.  She never does anything mean or aggressive towards me like my last young one did.  Actually she is quite the snuggler now.  Also a treat hound.  I hope to be riding her by spring & I will send you a few more pictures.  :-)  I figured since I like to see what my old horse is up to, that you might like it too.  Talk to you soon!

This is her first ride.



Butterscotch is a 2010 filly by Just Plain Starlight and out of Buttercup.

Absolutely loving my '09 gelding by Zink out of Lona. I thought I would send you updated pics of Patrick. This year he took reserve grand champion in halter at the St. John Open Show! He also placed third in showmanship and first in in-hand trail. He just keeps getting better and better. He is athletic, smart, willing and so enjoyable. Thanks KT Ranch for the horse of my dreams!



"We have one of your 2010 colts by Just Plain Starlight and out of Cowgirls Reflection, Late Night Cowboy. When we purchased him at the Hermiston horse sale, he was very skittish. The previous owner had him 5 days and put 5 rides on him (probably was very rough on him) we kept 'Cowboy' in the roundpen so we could have daily contact with him and after a couple weeks of riding 4 days a week, we had him riding out in the arena. Very easy to train and handle. Will come running to you in our 3 acre pasture and follow you around like a puppy dog. He isn't afraid of tractors or other animals. He even chased my boyfriend on the tractor while he was mowing the pasture and was biting at the brushhog rear tire. Haven't measured him yet but we are guessing he is about 14.3 at the withers but taller in the hind so we are hoping he will have some decent height to him. We have him doing walk, trot, lope, picking up proper leads, opening and closing gates, can use almost strictly leg cues on him already and tracking left and right. Next year, I will be hauling him to barrel meets at the fairgrounds to get him experience out and about. He is very level headed and doesn't get upset easily. We even have him ponying our mares and tracking them like cattle. He isn't afraid to get right up on them either. He is already very balanced for his age and comfortable to ride :-)Here are some pictures of me training him if you would like to put him on your website :-) he will be my barrel and pole horse as well as my boyfriend's mountain and cow horse. Will also be our trail horse."

Kara and Elmer (owners of Late Night Cowboy in Finley, Wa)
This is an 2010 colt by Just Plain Starlight and out of KT Copper Doc Comet. "With five days of training under his belt Rusty is doing great. Of the three colts we just started Rusty is Roley's favorite." This colt is at Western Pleasure Ranch in Idaho.
"This is the 2010 baby out of Just Plain Starlight and Blue Eyed Reflection!!
I have just started to ride her and she is doing amazing and by far the best horse that
I have had I cant wait to show her! Im so glad that I picked her out of all the ones that we looked at that day!!!"

Thank you sooo much
Enumclaw, wa
Zinks Amadeus Kid (Remington)-"He is just a trail horse but an awesome one at that! I have had him on cows a couple of times and he likes it. He has a great home where he is loved and well taken care of. My friend bought him from you as a weanling and I remember that and then he went to a friend of hers. That friend had to move overseas so she got him back and then I got him!!! One of the BEST horse decisions I have ever made!" - Lori
"KT Double the Dun. She is really wonderful and soft in the snaffle. She is a very willing girl and LOVES to ride! She's a terrain-eating monster on the trails! We just love her to pieces. We were at a Buck Brannaman clinic and she is did awesome. Took her to this clinic last year with about 10 rides on her, she did super. She is a very willing horse and a hard worker. :)" - Teresa she has the 2008 filly by Double and out of Reed Dunny Doll. In this updated pic they are trail riding in the Blues ouside of Dayton. Teresa and Wrigley are also in a dun riding group.
KT Red Barracuda is out of Docs Sizzlin Bar and My Little Red Porsche. She has been used as a all around and barrel horse and had done very well winning her division on many occasions and is an all around great horse. She is owned by Phyllis from Castle Rock.
KT Sheza Social Kid is the 2008 filly out of Cheyenne Social and Zink, she is simply amazing as a 3 yr old. I do not know where you would find a better filly honestly. Brady Mecham is already roping on her and just loves her. - Cindy
"Nova" is an 09 filly by Colonel and out of Blue. She is very stunning and has lots of white. Jacci is starting her this year and is very happy with her.
"My daughter and I got Mocha going under saddle last fall and she is such an awesome horse. She does great with my daughter who is ony 14 and not very experienced around horses. I could not have asked for a nicer horse. Thought I would send a couple of pictures.

Again thanks for picking Mocha for me - she is perfect!"


Mocha is a filly out of Cheyenne Social and out of BNB Quarter Horse's stud, Fudsy.

-Update 2013 on Mocha, due to owner's health issues, Mocha is back here and is going to added to our broodmare band until her owner's health improves. See pics of Mocha on our mares page. 

"I can't say enough good things about this colt he truelly a pleasure to be around and work with no matter what we are doing for the day. Thank you so much for this boy. He is the most level headed baby I have ever worked with." 


This is a Double son out of the Shezacoolcontinental from 2010.

"I am really enjoying my filly out of Zink and Tuffy from 2009 which I kept her name as Kid and she is registered as KT Sheza Tuff Kid. She has been so easy to work with and super social. I have been saddling her and I have even put a few rides on her now. She's great. She loads in the horse trailer, she stands tied for hours, and she just trys so hard to make me happy. She has been a great colt. I have attached a few pictures of her for you and she is still in Hamilton, MT. I am still planning on using her for this years RMBA Ranch Horse Comp. in the 2-year old class and eventually make her into a nice break-away rope horse." Ashely

2011 Update on Kid below: "Kid is doing awesome. I have been riding her all over the ranch here in Montana and down the river bottom. I haven't gotten a chance to show her yet but I have been using on the ranch to bring cows in and I actually sorted cows on her the other day. I with I had pictures of us sorting but I did attach some of her and I down at the river bottom."

This is KT Double Rum N Peps, "Malibu", now owned by Evie Kilmer - Morris.  In this picture, her trainer, Beau is working Malibu on cows, they're from the first weekend in November 2010, she is a two year old in these pictures.

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